Sunday, October 22, 2017

not exactly a scrumble...

My photo today is not exactly a 'normal' scrumble, but it is freeform crochet.   

I started by using a fairly thick synthetic (nylon?) macramé cord to create the central spiral, then extended it by adding other stitches using fine mercerised cottons and glittery threads. 

The macramé cord was also used to needle-wrap some of the bars that hold the central crocheted piece in place, and also for finger wrapping around the recycled embroidery hoop into which the crochet has been suspended.  

To complete the piece I added 3 lengths of i-cord...and some large crystal pendants (only one of which is obvious in the photo, but there are others at the end of each the 'dangles').

This piece was created last year, for an exhibit titled 'Dare to Dream'.

Let me know if you ever decide to make your own freeform dreamcatcher.  Would love to see photos!  :-)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

today's scrumble is ruffled

OK, taking a quick break from what I am currently working on, so here is a photo of another one :-)

Friday, October 20, 2017

a creamy scrumble

This freeform piece was worked using odds and ends of many different creamy-coloured yarns that I had in my stash, plus a little bit of brown, grey and yellow mixed in for contrast.  

It is mostly crochet, but also includes a couple of areas in knitted linen stitch.   These sections were worked using 3 colours, alternating 1 colour per row.  I like the little spots of colour and the textured effect that linen stitch gives when it is worked this way.  

For the bullions, I chose a lovely single-ply pure silk yarn that has plenty of body ('spaghetti' from The Loom in Bangkok).  It was originally created as a weaving yarn, but it crochets and knits up fabulously too.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

still scrumbling :-)

It's been absolutely ages since I posted anything on this blog, so I figured it was probably about time to add another scrumble or two  ;-)  

Here's a closeup of a section of one (with lots of crochet bullions and a little bit of embroidery) that I did last year (or maybe it was the year before!).   If anyone is still reading here, let me know, and I will aim to post a few more photos periodically.  I can't promise it will actually be weekly, but for the moment I'll aim for a new addition on Monday mornings, and I'll see how I go.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

New blog for collaborative artwork

Just popping in to let you know about an artwork that I am coordinating at the moment, with the theme of '50 years of Flower Power'.

You can read all about it on my other new blog at

Perhaps you might like to make psychedelic scrumble and send it off too, to become part of the large wall piece that will soon be assembled and exhibited.  

The first contribution has just been received, and I know of very many more that are already in the mail, or are almost completed, or are currently in the pipeline.  I have a feeling that the completed wall piece is going to be huge!

The deadline for mailing is just over a month away, so if you want to join in now is the time to start creating.

I will be adding photos to the new blog as each piece is received; it will be way more active than this one for a while, so I hope you will enjoy checking in there occasionally too. 

...but just to keep things a bit interesting here as well, I present you with a photo of a nice bright cotton scrumble that I created recently........

Saturday, November 22, 2014

4 swap scrumbles

A little while back I was involved in a 'scrumble swap' on Ravelry.

Here are the 4 that I made and sent, each in the recipient's choice of colours.